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Milner Trail Letter Claim

Read and if desired, print this Milner Trail Letter Claim (pdf). Next, visit the actual claim form outlined in detail and click the printer-friendly pdf at the top of that page to print and get your claim filled out and signed. Milner Trail Letter Claim is a Letter to Citizens Unhappy with Idaho County on […]

Notice of Claim by Citizen To The State of Idaho

Printer friendly pdf version for Download: To: SECRETARY OF STATE STATE OF IDAHOP.O. BOX 83720BOISE, ID 83720-0080 (208) 334-2852 [email protected] Name of Claimant: ___________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________ City and State: ___________________________________________________ Phone Number: ___________________________________________________ Email (optional) ___________________________________________________ In Compliance with Title 6, Chapter 9, Idaho Code, the undersigned hereby presents a claim against the State of […]

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