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Free Gold Dust Business Listing Free.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Gold Nugget Business Listing $60.00 per Year. Select
Gold Rush Business Listing $120.00 per Year. Select

Free Gold Dust Business Listing

The price for membership is $0.00 now.

Sign Up offers a $0 FREE Forever Gold Dust business listing that includes your name, organization, address and phone.

If you own, operate or manage a business, club or organization in Idaho County, please consider this an invitation to jump on board to take advantage of our Free Forever Business Listing here at   Get your foot in the door of this free focused business directory so that fans who live, love or laugh in Idaho County, Idaho can find you and reach out to take advantage of your offering in this SPOTLIGHT on your Idaho County business resource.

When you register for a Free GOLD DUST listing, an administrator will approve your membership within one business day to verify that your business, organization or club has a valid address or P.O. Box within Idaho County.

If your organization exists outside of Idaho County, and you don’t have a valid address or PO Box in Idaho County, your registration will not be approved for this Free Gold Dust Directory listing.

In the future, will add a membership level for Non-IdahoCounty entities operating within Idaho County to offer products or services.

Gold Nugget Business Listing

The price for membership is $60.00 per Year.

Sign Up offers a Gold Nugget business listing that includes additional features that are not included with the Free Gold Dust membership.  Both the Gold Dust and Gold Nugget standard listing details show up in our business directory with name, organization, address and phone.   Our Gold Nugget business listing adds these additional fields:   website address, logo, and a few other benefits to be unveiled in the coming months.   The annual cost for membership in the Idaho County Gold Nugget Business Directory Listing is just $60 per year and requires annual renewal.  But you can let your Gold Nugget Business Listing expire if you no longer wish to participate in our directory listings.

Inbound links to your website from offers your business a big advantage in the form of search results and will be an increasing benefit as gains traction in the search engines.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our payment gateway will be setup by the first of May 2024.  But for now if you desire to get your business on the Gold Nugget Business Directory, please register and select “mail a check” method and you’ll receive a notice of where to mail your check upon submitting your registration.

Email to info [at] with any questions.

Gold Rush Business Listing

The price for membership is $120.00 per Year.

Sign Up

The Idaho County Gold Rush Business Level Member is a future development with lots of additional features to help Idaho County Business Owners generate a higher level of exposure for fans of Idaho County, near or far.  Once the Free Gold Dust and Gold Nugget business levels are advanced and populated, we will begin to devise a trial period for interested business people as well as provide full details of what the scope of this Business Directory Level encompasses.   Email info at idahocounty dot com with any questions.

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