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It would be nice to end the annual civil war wouldn’t it? “…the Mountain View School District 244 board of trustees voted unanimously to hold a two-year $2.9 million levy in May… details next week’s paper

We already know the details; there will be sound reasons for wanting more funding for the schools. We also know there are equally sound reasons for not supporting another levy. However – those for and against the levy are FOR the students.

So who/what is the problem? The STATE.

The Idaho State Constitution ARTICLE IX SECTION ONE recites that “The stability of a republican form of government (depends) mainly upon the intelligence of the people…” and thereafter mandates that “…it shall be the duty of the legislature of Idaho, to establish and maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools”;

Problem is the Legislature has NOT fulfilled this and forget asking them; the answer is NO. Forget Lawsuits – the Legislature has closed this avenue as well by law (See Idaho Code TITLE 6, CHAPTER 22 the so-called “CONSTITUTIONALLY BASED

EDUCATIONAL CLAIMS ACT.”) Disgraceful. And the Idaho Supreme Court has also FAILED.

The only way to get the money to the schools is to go around the courts and the legislators. The way around is a direct vote by We the People to fulfill the law.

An “Initiative” on the ballot accomplishes this. Even if this levy passes it will only be a short term temporary fix. An “Initiative” is a long term sustainable fix (as best we can anyway).

We were able to get a draft Initiative to the MVSD board just a few days before they voted for a Levy. Hopefully, they will support the Initiative. We are on the MVSD Board Agenda March 21st District Office 5:30-6:30 pm to present this possible solution. Please attend if you are interested OR email and we will send you a copy of the Initiative. [email protected]

Together we can enforce the State’s duty to fund Schools as required by the Constitution. Joshua Palken

Melina Palken

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