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Our Founding Fathers – Would they support God in Schools?

Prepared by Joshua Palken (4-3-2024)  So a sincere local citizen posted some comments here in support of charter schools which really have a serious problem that has to be pointed out.  He starts with the very agreeable concept, that “If our schools today reflected the intentions of those who came to America to start a new […]

Levies for Charters Schools, not if but WHEN…

Short update on charter school levies that I found after I wrote my charter school memo… And that is: The restriction in Idaho – no levies for Charter Schools is under attack by the charter school movement – can and no  doubt will change unless we abolish the levy now. See this article the push for […]

Charter Schools Levy Solution or Tail Wagging the Dog?

Prepared by Joshua Palken (3-28-2024) Article 9 Section 1 of the Idaho Constitution recites: “The stability of a republican form of government depend(s) mainly upon the intelligence of the people.” I accept that statement and this is the legal and moral basis for education being the largest single portion of our entire state budget. That […]

Charter schools: Should we or Shouldn’t we?

Yes, but only if they actually SERVE the students. I do not know if this is true or not. But a LOT of people think this. Even if it is not true this is a terrible image that would have to be addressed before having any chance of selling Charter Schools to the majority. And […]

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